Daily Announcements - May 23, 2017

Pupil Services 

Yard Banners: Senior Yard Banner orders will be accepted in the Athletic Office until 5/24. 

Senior Transcripts: If you did not indicate where to send transcripts on your Senior Survey, please let the Pupil Services office know where to send your final Senior transcripts in June.

Varsity Locker Room: All Varsity Lockers in the locker room need to be cleaned out by 5/25. 

Mental Health Month: Here is today's wellness tip: Do something with friends and family. People are 12 times more likely to feel happy on days that they spend 6-7 hours with friends or family.

Quote of the Day: "As soon as any man says of the affairs of the State 'What does it matter to me?' the State may be given up for lost." -Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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