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Hello!  Welcome to a new school year!


Meet Team A


The Mission Statement for Team A is to improve freshmen success by offering integrated, personalized, and relationship-oriented instruction that challenges students to be independent and high-level thinkers. Team Spartan believes that every student can learn and grow in a positive, supportive, and respectful environment.

Fish and turtle long term population study funded


Science teachers Kyle Campbell, Lyndsey Manzo, and Brooke Cochran received a $3,500 grant from the Westerville Education Challenge fund.  The money will be spent on re-populating game fish, and attempting to understand how the painted turtle population increased greatly in the last few years. Elementary and middle school students will aid in the capturing, cataloging, tagging, and species identification of fish and turtles contained in the pond. Floating garden rafts will also be created by ecology classes to cleanse the water of synthetic fertilizers from surrounding neighborhoods to decrease filamentous algal growth.


Juniors and Seniors: Class 101 is offering an ACT prep class during OGT week here at WNHS.  This will allow students the opportunity to get four days (March 12-15) of ACT preparation within the normal school day.  The cost for the four-day review is $50 and this includes a $20 Princeton Review Guide that each student will be able to keep at the conclusion of the week.  Sign up in the Guidance Office by March 8th.


Boys Volleyball: Tryouts and practices for Boys Volleyball will begin next week.  The first practice will be Monday at 5:30 p.m. and has been moved to the Auxiliary Gym.  No previous experience is required. These tryouts and practice sessions are for anyone interested in playing!

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